At POWER INVESTING, we are committed to helping you
achieve your financial goals. We specialize in serving families
and small businesses in transition and partnering with them
to ease their financial worries. Our guiding principles are
integrity, competence, and personalized service. We will work
with you to create just the right personalized package of
services to meet your needs.
We offer the following services:
  • Investment advice:  Investment advice and portfolio
    management services. Fee only (no commissions).
  • Comprehensive financial planning:  Customized
    planning for current, transitional, and future financial
  • Tax return preparation:  Individual, small business
    and estate tax returns, including late filings.
Michael D. Power, CFP®, EA
POWER INVESTING is an independent
Registered Investment Advisor.
Michael D. Power, Principal, is a CFP®
professional and Enrolled Agent
(enrolled to represent taxpayers before
the Internal Revenue Service).
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