Michael D. Power, CFP®, EA
POWER INVESTING is an independent
Registered Investment Advisor.
Michael D. Power, Principal, is a CFP®
professional and Enrolled Agent
(enrolled to represent taxpayers before
the Internal Revenue Service).
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We believe in having partners in finance, not just one-time
customers. We view a client's objectives, goals and dreams as a
whole, merging their needs, lifestyle, assets and earning ability to
develop a workable financial plan.

We are a fee-only firm (no commissions). We do not sell products,
so our loyalties are not divided. Instead, we sell our expertise, our
knowledge and our experience with hundreds of clients to bring you
high-quality personalized service.

We believe in education and have attained the leading credentials in
our fields. We also study history to understand human behavior, as
this has a major impact on world markets and on our behavior as

We do not manage money for the highest possible return or gamble
on market moves. Instead, we match each client's risk tolerance to
the proper investment vehicles and focus on helping clients to reach
their goals. We strive to keep your costs low by using low cost
investment vehicles and trading as little as possible.

We view families as economic units unless clients specifically wish
to have their assets managed separately.

We believe in service and convenience, so we usually meet clients
at their home or office.

We honor your privacy. We maintain strict confidentiality regarding
your personal and financial information.
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